Clinical Coaching  in Implantology

Local clinical training to evidence based, advanced implantology, accessible and  safe in general dentistry practice . Supported by 30 years experience  in clinical activity and teaching of Pr Jean-Pierre Bernard in Medical Faculty  of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and following Smarter Medicine Switzerland concept.

- You wish to begin to perform  implants  treatments for your patients.


- . You are actually doing implants treatments however you wish to optimize  your implantology practice to make it more accessible.


CITC (Clinical Implant Training Concept)  curriculum makes it possible for you.




CITC programs in any location

- You are routinely placing implants.


- You are interested in the accessible, advanced Implantology concep


- You want to share your experience with colleagues and participate in a scientific group.


Join  CITC  Team and become  head of  a CITC cursus in your area.