Program of Clinical implant Training Concept (CITC) Curriculum




Preparation Session for Clinical Curriculum CITC (24 hrs)


Day 1


8.00-8.15        Introduction to the session.


8.15- 8.45       Interest in Implantology in Dentistry


8.45- 9.15       Basics of osseointegration: use in advanced Implantology


9.15-9.45        Indications of implants


9.45-10.30     Treatment plans and preoperative evaluation


10.30-11.00   Coffee break


11.00-11.30    Technical conditions of implantation


11.30- 11.45   Basics in Prosthodontics


11.45-12.30    Clinical influence of the implant surfaces


12.30-13.30   Lunch


13.30-14.30    Limited bone volume


14.30-15.30    Influence of material on the choice of implant sizes


15.30-16.00    Coffee break


16.00- 17.00   Influence of prosthodontic connections: esthetic applications



Day 2


8.00-8.45          Time  for implantation


8.45-9.30          Time for implant loading   


9.30-10.00       Long-term follow-up care


10.00-10.30     Coffee break


10.30-11.30      Prevention and treatment of intraoperative and postoperative



11.30-12.30      Complications and failures


12.30-13.30       Lunch


13.30-14.00        Equipment and implant-kit, sequences of use


14.00-14.30        Presentation of a clinical case and of a treatment plan


14.30-15.00        Installation of material and of the patient, information, local anesthesia


15.00-15.30        Implant placement


15.30-16.00         Coffee break


16.00-16.30          X-ray check-up, postoperative advice, follow-up treatment.


16.30 -17.00         Debriefing of the case


17.00-17.30          Preparation of the clinical sessions


17.30-18.00          Questions, discussions.



Day 3


8.00-9.00                 Clinical and radiological check of the osseointegration 


9.00-10.00              Prosthodontic components


10.00-10.30            Coffee break


10.30-11.00             Impressions Techniques 


11.00-12.30            Basics of occlusion, bite registration


12.30-13.30            Lunch


13.30-14.30             Prosthetic choice  in different clinical situation.


14.30-16.00            Clinicaly Guided Implant placement hands on


16.00-16.30            Coffee breal


16.30-17h30          Prosthetic hands on


17.30-18.00            Questions -Discussions




Session Asepsis and Desinfection in the Dental Office (5 hrs)


13.00-14.00        Necessity and basics of disinfection in the dental office


14.00-15.00        Different ways of disinfection


15.00-15.30       Coffee break


15.30-16.00       Interest in an ecological approach of desinfection


16.00-17.00       Presentation of different products and their use


17.00-17.30       Issue of a disinfection protocol in the dental office


17.30-18.00       Questions, discussions



Buccodental Hygiene Session (5 hrs)


13.00-14.00        Oral hygiene, fundamental element in Dentistry


14.00-15.00        Mechanical and chemical means in oral hygiene


15.00-15.30        Coffee break


15.30-16.00        Oral hygiene plan in Implantology


16.00-17.00        Motivation and instructions of the patients


17.00-17.30        Types of courses for practitioners


17.30-18.00        Questions, discussions




Interactive Evaluation Session (8hrs)


8.00-10.00         Presentation of clinical cases by the participants, questions to the group


10.00-10.30       Coffee break


10.30-12.30       Presentation of clinical cases by the participants, questions to the group


12.30-13.30       Lunch


13.30 15.30       Presentation of clinical cases by the participants, questions to the group


15.30-16.00       Coffee break


16.00-18.00      assistance after the CITC course


18.00                  ICC certificates  for the successful participation in the CITC curriculum.



Clinical Weekly Sessions (5 hrs x 40 weeks = 200 hrs)


8-12 hrs

Pre-implant examination,  treatment planing, information for patients

Implants placements


12-13 hrs Discussion of treatment plans and treatments performed during the session